Should You Be Training Like That?

One thing I see quite often, especially with newer athletes, is the underlying need to do more. Athletes will see videos of Rich Froning and Mat Fraser training all day and, as a result, they will hop on google and search for the latest and greatest competitive fitness programming blog and begin the next day.

Guess what? I was once that athlete!

While I do believe that taking ownership of your training and seeking more is essential in becoming the greatest version of yourself, some ways are better than others.

Following blog programming catered towards competitive athletes is going to be fun for a few weeks, sure. But once burnout sets in, once those aches and pains start to last longer than usual, only then you will you find yourself right back where you started.

Intent > Intensity

Instead of chasing intensity with every session, seek out a coach who will teach you how to train with purpose in order to maximize your time spent inside the gym.

Everyone is different. This is why everyone shouldn’t be following the same program. Sure, training with your peers is fun. But wouldn’t you want to progress at the fastest rate possible for you?

Think about that before your next session. Are you setting yourself up to have a great training week and month? Or are you going to have a killer session that leaves you feeling beat up and sore for the remainder of the week?

The aimless pursuit of intensity is dead. Take a more structured approach. True fitness is long-term. Don’t skip the required steps.


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