UPROAR! TERRIBLE TWOs – My initial thoughts

It’s been quite some time since the last competitive fitness (aka fast exercising) event occurred on island. With the first UPROAR! event being a success, the brains behind the event wanted to mix things up this time around. Instead of an individual competition, the second installment of UPROAR! will be a partner competition. Featured below are the main elements of the competition that have been on my mind as of late.


I love that this is a partner competition. What I love even more is that each team is comprised of a male and a female. The co-ed aspect of this competition is going to make things very interesting. We will see which duos have worked out and trained together, and which ones haven’t!


Since the athlete briefing hasn’t occurred yet, I am not 100% positive on the format of the competition and am just basing this off of the first UPROAR! installment. The bracket and single elimination format is unlike any other fitness event. Most competitions consist of multiple events where your placing in each individual workout determines how many points you have at the end of the event. Depending on the format and scoring system, this will determine what place you have earned during the competition. However, UPROAR! is a single elimination tournament. Meaning, if you lose you’re out. This is going to bring the best out of everyone.. because there is no room for error!


The last UPROAR! event was held at the Sheraton Laguna Guam Resort. This time around it is going to be held at Custom Fitness. I think the call to move the event back to the gym environment was a good one. This will keep the athletes in their element and allow the spectators to feel what the gym atmosphere can be like. Hopefully this motivates some of them to consider joining one of the respective gyms that will be represented in this competition!


These workouts are going to be extremely taxing on the forearms and biceps. I have advised my athletes to refrain from any intensive forearm and elbow flexion two days leading up to the event. Due to the relatively short time domains, warmups and cool-downs are going to be even more important leading up to each event. Be prepared to see a lot of people massaging their partner’s forearms. The addition of “The Gauntlet” and the cargo net are going to make for unique visuals for the spectators. Athletes only had one week to practice these implements, so we will see which ones are able to adapt on the fly and overcome these obstacles.


Where: Custom Fitness

When: Saturday, May 11 – Doors open at 3:00pm with the action starting at 4:00pm

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