This is for the coaches – never skip this step when working with a new client

We all have goals.

For some it may to achieve their first muscle-up after years of attempts, for others it may simply be to have more energy throughout the day.

Setting a goal is only one part of the equation.

In my opinion, what’s more important than setting a goal, is knowing where your starting point is.

This is why assessments are critical in the program design process. Whether you are a group fitness instructor or a personal trainer, if you don’t assess, then you’re just guessing.

Assessments can include (but are not limited to):

  • Body composition
  • Movement patterns
  • Energy systems
  • Strength ratios

Now, I’m not going to say what exact tests you should perform on your clients because there is no perfect system. There is only perfect practice.

By that, I mean that as a coach, you must adapt your assessments to tailor the audience you are serving. Keep researching. Keep learning. Take a step back and look at the big picture. Are you actually assessing your clients? Or are you simply giving them exercises to do and hoping that they are able to perform them without your intervention?

Take time in developing your assessment process. This will ensure that you are consistent and clear with your clients which will evidently set the tone for the rest of your relationship with them.

  1. Assess
  2. Test
  3. Re-assess
  4. Re-test
  5. Rinse and repeat, forever and ever

If you want to go fast, you’ll skip the assessment process and go straight to program design by assuming your client’s abilities. But if you want to go far and actually make an impact, you need to master the skill of a proper assessment in order to deliver the most effective training program you possibly can.

If you are a coach and want to chat about what assessments and how to determine if they’re appropriate for your client(s), shoot me a message and I’d love to help.



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