Competition Prep: What Athletes Should Really Focus On

As I write this, myself and a few other athletes from Guam are preparing to compete in the 2019 Manila Throwdown Individual Edition. This event has been a staple in our competition season and serves as a great test to see how our fitness compares to our brothers and sisters in the Philippines and around the region.

I figured I’d share a few ideas I have in regards to preparing for competition with all of you.

Whether you are gunning for a podium spot, or just doing it for fun, here are some things to consider as you prepare for the competition.


The week before competition is not the time to switch things up. I’ve seen athletes in the past drastically cut their carbohydrate intake simply because they want to lean out and ‘feel lighter’ on the competition floor. This is flawed thinking. Food = Fuel. So don’t cut your caloric intake or do anything crazy if you don’t have to. We eat for performance, not aesthetics. Eat your food!!


This one applies to all aspects of preparation. From nutrition to recovery to training, bring forth intentional effort as you prepare to compete. There shouldn’t be a sessions where you simply go through the motions. Failing to prepare is preparing to fail. Do the extra work!


This may seem like a no-brainer, but mindset is huge! During the weeks leading up to the competition we want to remove any negative self talk. Instead, focus on positive self talk and visualization. Picture yourself on the competition floor. Imagine how it’s going to feel as you approach the bar. Visualize the crowd and the announcers yelling as you grind through those final few reps. Positive visualization is your secret weapon! Use it to your advantage! Feel good, perform well. Bring the fire!

There you have it. Everyone trains hard leading up the competition. Everyone’s abilities are relatively similar. What ultimately separates those on the podium and the rest of the field is who is best prepared between the ears. This usually takes place outside of the gym. Align all of your habits to best prepare yourself for the competition and get after it!


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