The easiest way to ensure progress in the gym

It’s February 13th as I write this post. This is usually the time where people fall off of their resolutions for the new year.

Now that the hype is gone, let’s get down to business. Progress inside the gym isn’t difficult.

Do you you want to get in shape, lift more, run faster, and reach your true potential?

Answer: just keep showing up

I know, I know, I know. This isn’t what you wanted to hear. However, nothing beats consistency.

The best way to ensure progress inside the gym is to develop the habit of simply showing up. Make this habit non-negotiable. It doesn’t have to be five days a week. Just start with three. (tbh, if you’re training five or more days per week then you actually might be hindering your progress, but we can have that conversation later)

Intensity on one day will not make up for your lack of consistency. Long-term progress doesn’t work like that. We can get exercise sciency and compare your acute vs chronic training volume, but you don’t care about that (and neither do I). Basically, leave your ego at the door if you’ve missed a couple days and simply ease back into your routine.

In regards to intensity and consistency: slow, slow, never stop > hard, hard, hurt (thanks, james clear)

Happy training!

Yours in strength,


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