Another month?! Is this our new normal?

Today is day 24 since I began observing the stay-at-home mandate called by GovGuam. This is the longest period of time I’ve gone without leaving the house for anything other than two or three trips to the grocery store for food and supplies. During this time I’ve noticed a shift in perspective towards this pandemic. Marcus Filly has stated that we are all going through a grieving process. At first I didn’t understand, but after diving deeper, he is kind of right. You are not alone if are going through, or have gone, through any of the following stages.

  • Denial – This won’t impact us.
  • Frustration – I’m angry that I have to stay home.
  • Bargaining – Two weeks isn’t so bad. Get through this and we can resume our normal lives.
  • Sadness – Extended until May 5th? Will this ever end?
  • Acceptance – I can’t control this pandemic. I just need to follow protocols and do what’s best for our community. Time to adapt and move forward with this new normal.

Circumstances do not make the man. They only reveal him to himself.


Listed below are my three non-negotiables for this time of staying at home.

Movement – Don’t overthink your warm-up. Don’t overthink your workout. Just do something for at least 30 minutes daily. Your body and mind will appreciate it.

Relationships – This is a huge one! I’m connecting with my loved ones more than ever before. When I call up a relative, I feel more present. Take advantage of this extra time and stay connected, or even re-connect, with loved ones. A simple text message can go a long way.

Purpose – Vacation is over. Don’t get stuck watching Netflix all day. Finish that book you stopped reading. Pick up a new skill. Personally, I’ve been spending much more time in the kitchen working on improving my knife skills. Find something that gives you purpose and stick with it.

The emotional roller coaster we’re on will eventually get less turbulent. Things will eventually feel like they’re somewhat normal. Where will we find ourselves post-Coronavirus? My priorities for the remainder of the year have shifted greatly. And that’s okay. Many of the things I used to stress about seem so unimportant now. On the other end, there are a handful of actions that weren’t important before that feel so valuable now.

Stay safe.

Yours in strength,


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